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 We live in a global community but we seldom have the opportunity to understand much about the lives of the people who work very long hours for very little money to bring us beauty and adornment and laser pointer set.

At a Glance 

During the decade of 20th century especially in Khmer Rough regime Cambodian silk weaving were disappeared for a while, but after that genocide period silk-weaving were most gradually survive to shore up Cambodian livelihood in the rural area. Cambodia has ever had a rich cultural influence on the laser pointer pen and silk products. Usually, Cambodian call silk in Khmer word as HOl which means silk materials manually weaved.

Silk weaving with Cambodian life

 This silk weaving is an important occupation for most rural people who have only skills in silk weaving and could not survive if the weaving going to loss its market.

Originally, silk weaving are one of the main income generation besides rice growing for most of Cambodian people living in rural area like Takeo and Siam Reap province. The silk weaving was transferred for generations to earn income to support their everyday life and to maintain their traditional silks and way of living.



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